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Xinbole participated in the 6th Council of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce
Release Time:2023-12-7 9:29:09



On July 28, the third meeting of the sixth Council of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce was held in Shenzhen Guangming Victory. Li Shucheng, president of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce and President of Shenzhen Huaqiang Group Co., Ltd. attended and made a speech. Vice President and directors of the electronic Chamber of Commerce attended the conference, and Wang Zejun, director of the Supervisory Board of the Chamber of Commerce, and heads of branches attended the conference. Tu Chunan, Executive Vice President and President of Tianan Branch, presided over the meeting.


Read by Ma Yingfeng, Vice President and General manager of Shenzhen Jinshuo Micro Technology Co., LTD. : The proposals for new members in the first half of 2023, co-elected Directors in the first half of 2023, co-elected Vice President in the first half of 2023, Work Report in the first half of 2023 and Work Report of the Board of Supervisors in the first half of 2023 were reviewed and adopted by the General Assembly.


Executive Vice President (permanent) and Secretary-General Xu Huiying was entrusted by President Li to make a work report in the first half of 2023, with detailed data, rich content, and diversified activities to introduce the party building work, conference construction, industry services, resource docking, exhibition, business visits, social welfare and brand publicity, etc., a comprehensive analysis and summary of the work in the first half of the year. The work plan for the second half of the year was reported.


She said that under the strong leadership of the sixth Council leadership headed by President Li Shucheng, the active support of the majority of members and the care and help of all sectors of society, the service work is carried out in accordance with the work deployment of the Council, the deepening and solid development of brand services and projects, and the continuous innovation of service models, practical moves and results, and the steady progress on the road of high-quality development.


Chief Supervisor Wang Zejun made a report on the work of the Board of Supervisors in the first half of 2023.


Wong Wai-keung, President of Weifeng (Shajing) Branch, spoke on behalf of the branch of the Electronic Chamber of Commerce.


Wang Chaojun, general manager of Ehuiyuan Exhibition, introduced the progress of ES show.


Round Table Forum, National Technology Co., LTD. Customer Center Sales Director Yang Yanhui, Beijing Jingbei Tongyu Electronic Components Co., LTD. Chairman and president Liu Guozhi, Jiangsu Changjing Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen Changjing Semiconductor Co., LTD. General Manager of terminal sales Tu Fahu, Shenzhen Xinboyue Electronics Co., LTD. Chairman Li Jun, Yang Xiaoping, director of Shenzhen SMIC Supply Chain Co., LTD., discussed and exchanged ideas around the theme of "Facing the future - The way to break the market for electronic enterprises". It is presided over by Wang Zejun, chairman of Shenzhen Anxun Intelligent Display Technology Co., LTD., and chief supervisor of Electronic Chamber of Commerce.


In his concluding speech, President Li Shucheng said that the recently released Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Promoting the Development and Growth of the Private Economy has boosted the confidence of private enterprises and private entrepreneurs, and has an important and far-reaching impact on the major top-level design of promoting the development and growth of the private economy in the new era and on the new journey.


The year 2023 is the first year for the implementation of the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congresses, and it is also a key year for the link between the past and the future of the 14th Five-Year Plan. All colleagues of the Chamber of Commerce will continue to carry forward the spirit of forge ahead, take on the spirit of hard work, further serve the development of private enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, do a good job in the cultivation of specialized new enterprises, and strive to create new achievements in the field of segmentation, and make greater contributions to promoting China's comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country and realizing the second centennial goal.

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